About Us

1st Impression Consulting is a blog where you can find all the tips, strategies and other things you need to know in the world of gambling. We are your consultants in disguise in the gambling and betting world. Money can be a great deal to many people and this is why we make sure that people don’t fall into depression when they end up in the losing side of the game.

We always tell our friends, gambling should be considered a sport, a form of entertainment and not something that you should rely your whole life on. Have fun playing and winning – and always make sure to save some so you can still get home.

We’re a world class team of players, each of us have a unique story to tell when it comes to gambling, this is why you get to know all the different tips and how-to’s when it comes to placing your bets and cashing out. We are happy to provide the consulting services that people need so they can always enjoy their time when in the casino or betting online.

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